Yara Maintenance Services

Yara International ASA

Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia.

Contract Period


Clough Wood provided maintenance services to Norwegian company, Yara International ASA for their existing liquid ammonia plant (Yara Pilbara Ammonia Plant) and to the world’s first technical ammonium nitrate (TAN) manufacturing plant (TAN Plant) on the Burrup Peninsula, located near Karratha in Western Australia.

The scope included providing maintenance planning support, supplying management services, supervision, tradespeople, tooling and systems, including the Clough Automated Maintenance system (CAMS), to perform routine maintenance services and shutdowns at the Yara Pilbara Ammonia Plant and the TAN Plant.


The Yara Pilbara Ammonia Plant forms part of Yara International’s global production facility portfolio and is one of the largest ammonia production facilities in the world, with production capacity of 850,000 metric tons of liquid ammonia exported from the Dampier Port and traded on South East Asian markets.

The new TAN Plant, fully integrated with the Yara Pilbara Ammonia Plant, is in the final commissioning stages and will have a 330,000 tonne TAN capacity per annum. TAN is the main component in explosives used by the mining, quarrying and construction industries. The TAN produced by the TAN Plant will be marketed and distributed by Orica predominately to mining customers.