Prior to start-up and commissioning, Clough Wood provides a range of services to ensure that risk-based maintenance and operations procedures are in place and that the asset is truly ‘Operations Ready’.

Once in operations, Clough Wood can support an ongoing review of maintenance procedures to ensure that tool times and work procedures are optimised. We are also able to provide equipment criticality analysis and root cause analysis to ensure that maintenance is provided in the correct measure to optimize the Net Present Value of the asset.

We believe that excessive or inappropriate maintenance generates risk to integrity and production through unnecessary interruptions and shutdowns as well as increasing operational expenses.


Clough Wood has extensive local experience delivering successful shutdowns to Australian-based clients such as Santos, Woodside Energy, Maersk FPSOs, ENI Australia and Oil Search Limited.

Our local shutdown experience is augmented by access to Wood’s Shutdown Centre of Excellence in the UK. This global Centre of Excellence has developed world beating processes and systems that have been in development since 1992.

The result is that Clough Wood is able to offer an unsurpassed shutdown service that minimises risks, optimises productivity and drives continuous improvement.